Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's Been a Year

I remember a specific text message to the likes of,  "You are a strong, beautiful, and intelligent woman...don't let someones mistake determine the rest of your life. You will get through this."


I carried that text message as a picture for a long time as support, and when I felt down, I always referred to that picture/text to get me through. His words meant more to me than anything. 


Cadman and I met in my freshman year of college at Piedmont. He was a religion and philosophy major, and I was majoring in vocal performance at the time. He and I have two separate stories of how we first met. He remembers meeting me at my freshman fall Chamber Singers concert when our mutual friend, Jacob, introduced us, and I remember working in the residence halls on a dark, stormy August night when him and Jacob came to keep me company at 11pm. I always thought he was an interesting character, and, apparently, he was always interested in me. 


Last summer, I forgot to grab yogurt from Ingles on the way home from work. It was late, and I knew that I would not be a happy camper in the morning if I did not turn around to go back. There he was in a suit and suspenders in the check out line looking handsome as ever. Words were exchanged, smiles, and a brief hug. 


And then came Jacob's wedding a couple of weeks later. We went to the rehearsal dinner together (I the photographer and he the groomsman), stayed up late, and enjoyed each others company. The rest is history. 


                                                 So, it's been a year.....

                                                              It's been a year

             ...A year of happiness, of strength, endurance, learning, companionship, and love. 

A year of cheering each other on.

     ....because we knew that the other could always do it, no matter what the obstacle. 

A year of endurance.

       ...through sleepless nights of nightmares and illness. 

A year of love that has grown stronger every day.         

    ....especially when working through bumps together.

A year of encouragement.   

    ...and learning how to give each other strength where one of us is weak.

A year of learning.      

   ....about each other, our endearments, our interests, and incorporating them into everyday life.


A year of laughter.

    ...between refrigerator doors, cinnamon rolls, moooostaches, volcano brownies, and walking into walls.

A year of being broke students.

    ...yielding to the best memories that will last a lifetime. 

A year of fun.

   ...between swing dancing, cooking together, dinner parties, double dates, and goofing off.

A year of unyielding companionship.

   ....becoming one.

A year of being ourselves.

   ....and always feeling accepted with each other.

A year of gaining a new family.

  ...for both of us.

                                                 It's been a year unlike any other.

                             To my best friend, fellow legal beagle, Polar Bear...

                                                       Happy One Year! :)

                                                I love you very, very much!

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