Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 In Pictures

Happy 2013!

An evening filled with laughter, friends, family, LOTS of food, and a midnight toast has once again welcomed in a new year. As the clock was ticking, glasses were clinking, I began thinking about this past year, what I've accomplished, not accomplished, and what I have yet to accomplish. I also reflected on things I've learned as well as the blessings of 2012! Here are just a few:

I graduated from college. Enough said.

I was accepted to U of R and followed my gut that this was what I needed to do.
I moved out of Georgia for the first time in my life to a state that I fell in love with some two years before. However, I do miss the mountains and my family every day.


  I lost 35 pounds this past year.

 My photography was displayed along with my Dad's at the Georgia Capital. We were two of the 28 chosen out of 100 entries. Photograph: My Dad with Gov. Nathan Deal.

 Our work was also shown in an exhibit at a gallery after our work was selected.

 I started an amazing relationship with Cad in June 2012. We knew each other throughout undergrad, ran into each other this summer, and the rest is history. I've gained someone that I love dearly who treats me the way a girl should be treated, as well as a person who makes me unbelievably happy.

I also learned how to freehand a super creepy pumpkin.

 I've also gained a second family that I love dearly as well! :)

I watched my grandfather go from being extremely sick, losing half a foot, go through chemo, and then return back to work at 85 years old. Strong as an ox? I believe so.

I've gotten closer to my Aunt, which is a huge blessing to me. Her humbleness continues to teach and amaze me! And in case you were wondering, this was our costumes for the medieval fair at her school. :)

I've become more confident in my faith, but not in a conventional manner.

 (Brooklyn Bridge Picture- My Uncle on my Dad's side was apparently an avid photographer. Didn't know this until I ran across an old portfolio of his)

I've learned more about my family. For example, we were always told that part of my family immigrated from Alsace-Lorraine but after a little digging on my part (kudos to, I found out that we are German. Very. Very. German. My grandfather's father always told us that we were not of German ancestry during World War II. Another tid bit of information (one that will be researched in depth shortly), my grandmother's side of the family were some of the first settlers over to America. A relative (I believe great+ grandfather) owned land in James City County, Virginia as well as the James Geddy house in Colonial Williamsburg.

I got to feel the true impact of music on others. My last Chamber Singers tour was all around Florida, and I roomed with some of the most wonderful ladies I've ever met in my life that week. We stayed up every night praying and just being there for each other. Also, our tour this past year was based on remembering others whether they had departed by death, or even removed themselves from our lives. After my last tour performance with Chamber Singers, the pastor of the church came up to my choir director in tears. He told our director that he had lost his wife of many, many years just 2 days before and that our music brought him comfort and understanding.

I watched very, very dear friends of mine get married, some to each other, and others I did not know but have formed new friendships with.

Oh, and my beautiful cousin got engaged on Christmas Eve...

....As well as this this wonderful couple! :)

I've met a few really wonderful people since I moved to VA! :)

I've gained Rusty & Yoda as surrogate pets. Yoda is quite the cuddle bug and likes to be carried around in a baby sling. Rusty likes to sit up around my shoulders and eat waffle syrup.

Below is Yoda helping me celebrate my 23rd birthday.

And last, but certainly not least, what has stayed constant through this year (as well as every year of my life)? My parents. I am so thankful for their love, support, health, and technological savvy-ness so we can FaceTime and Skype when I'm in Virginia!

 Not pictured:
 I've learned companionship, how to vacuum a ceiling (I'm not kidding), how to stay more organized, and to always check the cinnamon roll tube for the frosting container. Frosting metal baked into a cookie sheet at 9am on a Saturday morning is not always the best wake up call.

While accomplishments are amazing goals and move you forward (which is extremely important and things you should be absolutely proud of), remember to not get too caught up in your accomplishments that you forget what and who blesses you daily, what shapes you, and what molds you into who you are, whether that be the discoveries of your family history, looking up to people in or out of your family, people who enter and bless your life, and/or the continuing support and love of family. My goal this year is to be more humble, try to count my blessings more, and try to make more of a difference to others. What's yours?

Happy 2013!


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