Sunday, September 23, 2012

Right & Wrong Threads

Things shake us. Things change. And it's beautiful either way. 

I started to think about  this as I drove to Lexington for an emergency visit last week with the windows rolled down, the mountains greeting me as I left the city, and the sight of dense fog over the river with the sun filtering through. The red tail lights intruded on this beautiful scene.

Life isn't always the script we had written out as children, as high schoolers, as college kids, or even as it was written in our minds the day before. Everything hangs like a tiny thread balancing inside hole of a needle; it could stitch everything together, or it can slip away, unable to be rethreaded again. 

I'm a full believer that everything happens for a significant reason, and when everything falls into place the way it should, you are able to look back at everything that went right, everything that went wrong, even the wise words that you ignored from your parents when you were younger suddenly ring true, and everything that is right, wrong, and suddenly true make everything around you beautiful. 

How beautifully we are flawed.

How beautiful are the moments that went right.

How beautiful are the things that went wrong.

                      How beautiful are the moments when we are so thankful that things went wrong.

And how glorious the moment that we realize that life continues, either way. 

I remember the feeling of receiving good news during said emergency and being thankful that everything that could have gone wrong, didn't. I thought of every single aspect of my life for the past four years that stitched me up to this day. 

Specifically, this very moment of relief.

In a brief recap, I looked back at everything that went wrong, everything that went right, every decision that I made, every decision that was made for me, moving to Tallulah, going to PC, traveling to the place that changed view of my life and what I wanted to do with it, falling in love with Virginia, moving to Richmond, choosing the legal field over counseling, and choosing to go to U of R put me exactly where I needed to be in this very single second of this very single day of September. These few moments of reflection showed the interweaving of all of the threads that God placed in my life and how they came together so perfectly. 

I know there is more to experience, more to learn, more to see, but it is amazing to me how one moment can show you just how beautiful everything that was right and wrong can suddenly be shown in a somewhat flawed, yet beautiful tapestry.

While things are painful that are wrong, and the moment of things that are right can diminish quickly, take a minute to reflect on the threads in your life. Some are wrong, some are going to be right, but all have a purpose. All have a reason.

And when you realize the reasons why, be thankful that whatever was right and wrong stitched you to this moment. Caution: Reality might slap you in the face.

Happy Weaving,


  1. picturesque and truthful, words well stitched, glad to hear from you

  2. Only a beautiful soul could make such beautiful connections and share them in such an eloquent way. Thank you, Sarah.