Monday, August 13, 2012

2 Weeks of Settling.

Well, everyone, I'm finally in Richmond! The chaos started Friday night when my wonderful Dad and I started to pack the Mountain Shark (his Tacoma) and when the most bravest man of them all came to my house to tackle my closet- Cadman. We huffed, puffed, and color coordinated everything into black plastic trash bags only to stack them up in the Black Pearl (my RAV4). I had to say goodbye to his family and the office on Friday, which was nothing short of heart wrenching, but thankfully, I get to see everyone over Labor Day weekend.

Moving is stressful, scary, terrifying, horrible, and absolutely annoying as all get out. I'm not one to moan and groan, but between dumping my stuff in Richmond to running down to Williamsburg to work for a week has been slightly stressful and really scary. While stressful, scary, terrifying, horrible, and as absolutely annoying moving is, it certainly has its perks. I get to become closer to my aunt, which I've always wanted, I have wonderful friends in this area (not to mention the brave man who tackled my closet),  a campus that is so beautiful that it is jaw dropping, a choice of churches around to look at attending, two wonderful, supporting families even at a distance, art museums to get lost in, a ton of libraries, music events, and just a lot of potential to explore in general. While I am slightly frazzled, stressed, and extremely tired, I am looking forward to the opportunities that I will chase. But for this week, I am going to teach, try to relax some at the best coffee shop in Williamsburg, spend my time with two great friends of mine, and get used to living in Virginia.

Did I mention trying to drive with all of these different traffic laws? Sheesh.

Anyways, I apologize for such a short, slightly uneventful post, but I have a long day ahead that includes saying goodbye to my two best friends (yes, my parents) as they head back to Georgia.

As I've said, never forget those who help you get to and reach your goals. God, your family, and true friends will always hold you and push you far above your goals and potential.

Until later this week,

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